Musician. Composer. Producer.


Andrei Botezat is a Moldovan producer based in Atlanta, GA. He writes/composes music and specializes in music production with influences from rock/jazz/classical music. Andrei's music draws inspiration from film/media and incorporates elements into his productions.

Over the course of the turbulent previous year, Andrei worked as an arranger on a a series of pop string projects in collaboration with Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, Netherlands. Out of the fifteen arrangements drafted, four were cleared for full recording/production and have been published to Spotify in January 2022. The tracks were then licensed out to local media companies. To read more click here.


Additionally, Andrei is maintaining a local presence in Boston by gigging with artist Andrew Klang as part of his band. They have played shows all around Boston and can be described as a rock/pop band similar to Maroon 5, John Mayer, and Marcus King. While primarily a live show band, there has been interest in getting an album recorded.


Andrei is currently co-developing and directing the audio team for a new immersive sim game called "Athanasia" in collaboration with Canadian developer Momentum Games. An on going project, the game can be described as "A horror themed immersive sim FPS featuring prehistoric and sci-fi creatures". The project involves a "retro-futuristic aesthetic, survival horror gameplay and metroidvania-esque design" and is set to be released Fall 2022. For up to date updates, check out their Twitter.

Andrei also maintains a YouTube channel where he posts various guitar covers and music production videos.

To get in touch about booking info, project collaborations, and services please email here.




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